It is Normal to Have Swelling After 10 Days After Surgery? (photo)

It is 10 days after my double eyelid surgery and I feel that there is still considerable swelling and tightness in my lids. I find that my left eye is more swollen than my right. I also think they look a little unnatural at this point. The recovery is not as fast as I hoped although I've been using cold compress for the past 4 days. Should I switch to warm compress now? I'm hoping that this is not because the incisions were too high, or too deep, or too much fat or skin was removed.

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It takes time to see the final results of double eyelid surgery

With this kind of surgery, it's important to be patient to see the final results -- 10 days post-op is still too early. Your concerns are relatively common and not anything to worry about. Also, remember that the scars will heal in the coming weeks and months, so the whole process is more like a marathon than a sprint to the finish line. You should be quite satisfied with your results in the long run, but if you are still concerned in the future, consult the surgeon who performed your surgery.

You can use cool or warm compresses.

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Asymmetry with swelling and high-appearing folds normal during recovery

Swelling is almost always asymmetric, and your supratarsal crease (eyelid fold) will appear artificially high as the swelling resolves.  Swelling will gradually resolve for months, and your crease will descend to its final position.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Your degree of swelling is completely normal

Even 10 days after surgery, the swelling you have is normal.  The swelling can make the folds look asymmetrical or too large.  Everything looks great.  In time, you should have a great result.

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Totally normal

Yes, it is totally normal for your eyelids to be still swollen this early after surgery. And it may be few more weeks before you are completely back to normal. It is also very normal that the lid crease looks higher than what you would want when there is so much swelling.

It is also quite normal that one eye may be more swollen than the other. That is quite unpredictable.

Cold compresses likely won't help much this far after surgery, but you may continue to do them if it is soothing for you. The same is true for warm compresses.

Wait till about 3 months postop to check for the end result you are hoping for.

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Is it normal to have swelling 10 days after surgery?

Absolutely, it is normal.  It sounds like your doctor did not prepare you adequately for your postop course.  It is perfectly OK to switch from ice to warm compresses.  But expect persistent swelling for at least a couple of months and wait that long at least before comparing one eye to the other.

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