Is It Normal to Still Have Little Pains Sometimes 14 Months Postop Breast Lift and Implants Under the Muscle?

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Pain one year after breast surgery

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As the other doctors have answered it is very normal to have discomfort in the breasts, even a year or more after surgery. People frequently tell us that they get shooting or burning pain, as well as little electrical sensations when they do certain things like reach up high for something or lift something heavy. I have some colleagues who will inject the area around a painful breast with steroids. I don't think it's particularly effective or useful or we would all do it. Most of my patients tell me that the little pains fade over time, and just feel better knowing that it isn't indicative of a problem.
If one or both of your breasts gets progressively more firm then you may be developing capsular contracture. In more severe cases this can cause breast pain. These patients often need to have the scar capsule removed and new implants placed. If your breasts are soft then you don't have to worry about capsular contracture. 

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Minor pains long term after breast surgery is normal.

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Some of the nerves were cut in order to do your surgery.  It is unavoidable.  As they grow back, which often takes up to several years, one can have pain just as you are describing.  Ibuprofen usually is very effective to relieve the pain.

Is It Normal to Still Have Little Pains Sometimes 14 Months Postop Breast Lift and Implants Under the Muscle

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None of these sound particularly troublesome, nor unusual. Nonetheless, it is best to run this by your surgeon.All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Pain following Lift and Implants.

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Great question! The answer is yes since you are experiencing the "little Pains". You need to massage your whole breasts in addition to the areas that you are experiencing the pains. Nerves that regenerate do so at a rate of 1mm/day and can cause extreme sensitive pains when irritated.  I recommend that my patients massage with coco butter daily which helps skin, scars, and to desensitize the irritated nerve ends.


Best of Luck.



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