Is It Normal to Still Have my Bottom Belly Swollen After 6 Months of my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Is It Normal to Still Have my Bottom Belly Swollen After 6 Months of my Tummy Tuck?

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Swelling in Lower Abdomen

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There are two reasons I can think of that would give you swelling in the lower abdomen. One is residual fat that needs to be suctioned. The other, some scarring has formed between the skin and the muscle below pulling the skin upward and causing it to roll. Both of these reasons could be the problem as well. Your surgeon should be able to determine that and you should see him or her in follow-up.

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Swelling 3 months after tummy tuck could be caused by several reasons

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At three months following your tummy tuck procedure there is a chance that some swelling may still be present but this is becoming less likely.  The source of your lower abdominal swelling at this point is likely caused by one of the following reasons:

-excess fat in the lower half that was not thinned by liposuction

-insufficient muscle tightening


Have your plastic surgeon take a look at you and your before photos as these could provide some insight into the source of your abdominal swelling.

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Still swollen after tummy tuck

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Thanks for your inquiry and the pictures.  Did you have a muscle repair?  If you did then some of the swelling your experiencing may still be normal, but it seem a little too much for the six month mark to be swelling alone and may represent a small seroma.  If you did not have a muscle repair, then the pooching may represent your own muscle state.  I am sure if you visit your plastic surgeon they can evaluate and possible reccomend compression, etc to help.

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