Is it normal to have slight discomfort a year and a half post surgery in one breast? submuscular,nipple,425cc silicone

My left breast (I am left handed) still seems tight between the muscle in my underarm to the side and near top center of my breast. Both look the about same, left is slightly lower only in picture and the right has no issues. It isn't painful but it is slightly irritating /uncomfortable and it has been consistent since the surgery although some days are less noticeable than others. Both breasts feel the same as far as softness of the implant.

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Discomfort 1-1/2 years after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  You appear to have an excellent result.

It is unusual to have pain a year and a half after breast augmentation.  Sometimes if the nerve to your nipple was stretched during surgery it can have discomfort and desires sensations for 2 years later after the implantation while the nerve is attempting to heal.  Because the breast implant remain soft you'll likely did not have a capsular contraction.  I would suggest that you consult your plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion.

Always will be slight difference

in the way you perceive them. As you alluded to, handedness can play into this. Patients tend to use their dominant hand more so the muscles tend to get more of a workout. If the breasts look the same, feel the same, I'd suspect this is a difference that while slight will tend to persist. As one of my peers is fond of saying "Remember they're sisters, not twins"... Good luck

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