Is It Normal for my Skin to Turn Dark Brown and Hurt Right After 50% Tca Peel? Will It Scar?

i did a 50% tca peel on my arm for really dark and damaged spots which i know was stupid i realized it afterwords anyway i did it but could only bear it for less than 5 seconds my skin turned white right away and after washing it off with baking soda and water it turned dark brown after a few minutes maybe half an hour or so. a couple tiny skin parts came off of it and looked like wounds its the second day and still my skin is same color not peeling will i scar myself permanantly?

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Risks associated with 50% TCA peel

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It sounds like you did this treatment on yourself. Chemical peels are not to be taken lightly and there are several risks associated with chemical peels. Especially if you are not properly trained and licensed to perform them. Complications can vary from mild to severe including, but not limited to, scarring and/or infection. 50% TCA is a very strong chemical peel and should only be done by a physician. No exceptions!

You need to see your doctor right away. You ARE at risk for scarring and infection. While there is no guarantee, your doctor may be able to lessen the severity of the complications you may experience. This is a serious matter and you need medical attention. Good luck.  

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