Is It Normal For Skin To Be Lumpy and Uneven Two Days After Smart Lipo?

I had smartlipo laser done 2 days ago and my skin is not smooth and even. I'm very worry not even though the Doctor told me it takes about 6mos long for the process to work. I am 43 yrs 5'3" tall wt. 115 lbs. After having a child, I have a very tiny little pouch right above the c-section and a small area of cellulite right below my sternium. He did lipo from the lwr ab and half way up from the belly button up to the sternium . What can be done for the ripple affect area that he didn't do??

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Uneveness after 2.5 days

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Swelling, and some lumpiness/ uneveness is normal but the fluctuation should lessen over 6-9 months. You should be noticing less swelling over time not more. You can also have some numbness intially and that too will generally resolve over 6-9 month but could take up to a year. Follow up with your plastic surgeon to make sure you are on course.

Lumpiness after Smart lipo

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yes it is normal to feel some lumpiness after smart lipo.  This issue should resolve with time. 

Smart Lipo

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Thank you for your question. You will have to wait until 6 weeks have passed to get an idea of how you will heal.

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What to expect 2 days after liposuction

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It is very normal for there to be areas of firmness, lumpiness, bumpiness and swelling at 2 days after lipo, or 2 days after using a laser like Smartlipo or any other lipo laser. It typically will feel uneven and irregular and this is not something to worry about at this stage.

Follow your surgeon's instructions and be sure to keep all your appointments for follow-up. Ask lots of questions when you see the surgeon or his staff to make sure you're well informed about what is supposed to be happening.

Kimberly Finder, MD
San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon
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