Is It Normal to Have Different Size Breasts After an Uplift and Implant?

I have recently had a breast uplift and implants. I had 330cc in each breast and the surgeon took out fat in each breast to ensure they were equal before and after operation. Even though he done this my left breast is currently a noticeably bit bigger than my right and the nipple is not symmetrical to the other. I am only nearly 2 weeks post op, so is this normal due to swelling and the recovery period? And when will I know roughly the normal look of them and size? Thank you

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Different Size Breast After an Uplift and Implant?

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Breast asymmetry after these combined procedures tends to leave some persistent asymmetries although the breast appearance is noticeably better than before surgery. Despite all of our efforts, we never get them to be perfect.

Small breast asymmetries after augmentation and breast lift are common for several weeks after the operation.

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The fact that you're asymmetry is relatively modest probably means that it is due to differential swelling in the breast. Nevertheless, it's too early to make a pronouncement. Give the situation at least six months before pushing the panic button.

Is It Normal to Have Different Size Breasts After an Uplift and Implant?

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It is not really possible to offer a reasonable opinion specific to you without some photos. It is not uncommon to see swelling that is different from one side to the other, and for the implants to settle each at its own pace. usually implants have settled by 3 to 6 months, swelling by 2weeks to 3 months. 

Without photos, I can't say if anything looks out of the expected course.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

It takes time.

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2 weeks is fairly early yet. Things will continue to settle for a couple of months after surgery. Also breasts don't always settle down at the same rate after implants. Therefore one may appear a little different early on. This should improve with time. That being said, everyone naturally has a little asymmetry. Hang in there and be sure to follow up with your surgeon.

Adam Boettcher, MD
Flagstaff Plastic Surgeon

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