Is It Normal to Have Significant Mucus Production and Drainage 1 Month Past Septo/rhinoplasty?

I had septo/rhinoplasty and a polyp removed from my sinus about 5 weeks ago. Significant mucous drainage started to occur about 2 weeks after. It has been gotten worse and stayed consistent now. The mucous varies from clear to bright yellow. Ive used flonase, allergy meds and sudafed to no avail.

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Mucous and Drainage 1 Month Post Rhinoplasty

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I suspect you have a long history of allergy problems because of the presence of polyps and your familiarity with anti-allergy meds, but this is different. As others have said,  see your surgeon as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment of a probable post-operative infection.

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Mucous Drainage One Month Post Rhinoplasty and Polyp Removal

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It sounds as if your sinuses are draining.  You should see your rhinoplasty/sinus surgeon for examination and treatment asap. 

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Significant mucus production and drainage 1 month past septo/rhinoplasty?

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I recommend you call the operating surgeon or be seen ASAP. You may have a sinus infection. This can become a very serious problem.

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Post rhinoplasty drainage.

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It is too long past surgery for you to be have yellow or green drainage. See your surgeon since you may have an infection in your nose and or sinuses.

Toby Mayer, MD
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