Is it normal to have sharp pain in breasts 2 months after lift and augmentation and also for nipples to be darker?

I had a lift and augmentation 2 months ago and immediately my nipples darkened. Will they lighten again? I also get sharp pains in my nipples and they are always sore and I know this is normal, but how long will the sore nipples last? Also, my implant is only 300cc and over the muscle. The pain is a sharp, stabbing pain and in random areas throughout my breasts.

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Pain after breast augementation

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It is fairly common for patients to feel weirde electrical sensations as the swelling subsides and the breasts heal. It can be due to the sensory nerves "awakening."  But always a good idea to be seen in person to make sure that it is nothing worse.

Breast lifit

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It is really hard to say what is going on without an exam or pictures before and after. Please see your doctor or provide us more information please.

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