Is It Normal to Not Have Any Sensitivity to Retin-A Cream?

I just started using 0.05% Trentoin cream and have not had any sensitivity to it at all. It has been 4 days and there is no burning, warmth, sensitivity or peeling in he least. Most people who have commented on Retin A have said it stung or burned a little at first and there was peeling. I have had none of that so i am wondering if maybe 0.05 is not strong enough for me? Thank you for your help.

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No sensitivity to Retin-A

Some people don't experience any side effects to Retin-A and this is fine. You don't have to have these to have the product work. Additionally, some people will have the side effects build up over a few weeks, so you may get some redness or burning or peeling as you use it, and you may not. Additionally, there are some Retin-A products that are more cosmetically elegant and therefore more tolerated by the skin, and there are some that are not like that so they are harsher for the skin. You need to just use the product you have, the way it was prescribed, and go from there with your physician.

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