Is This Normal? Should I See my Surgeon?

I had septo-rhinoplasty done almost 2 months ago to remove a cartilage bump I got from a previous injury and to repair my septum. After removal of the cast, I noticed I had a bump on the right side of my nose. I was told it was from swelling and that it was normal. That bump is still there, and the last few days I have noticed that it feels like another bump is forming where my cartilage bump used to be. also, swelling in my right nostril has not gone down?

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Post-operative followup after septorhinoplasty

Regular appointments to follow up with your surgeon are a good idea to ensure you are healing according to plan and no interventions need to be made to aid your healing.

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Postoperative bump

Swelling can certainly persist for several months after a septorhinoplasty. There are interventions such as taping and steroid injections that can help the swelling to go down quicker. 2 months is certainly too soon to consider any type of revision of your rhinoplasty so you may want to continue to see your surgeon to ensure the postoperative course goes as you both expect. Best Wishes.

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