Is This a Normal Result of Full TT? Vertical Scar and Loose Skin

It has been almost 3 months since my surgery - full TT. I was told by 3 surgeons, including the one who did my TT, that I should expect small t-scar (less than 2sm - he said). I woke up to 2 inches scar right under my navel. In addition I have loose skin on top. Blood supply issue - was his explanation, however, he did lipo on upper abs after shaping new navel. is this normal? I'm reading lipo can contribute to blood supply issues. Later he said I was so tight he could not pull more. Opinions?

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Vertical scar and loose skin after tummy tuck

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Is there a reason you are not showing a horizontal scar down under your underwear line? If you do not have one, if you only have the vertical scar you showed, then I am not sure what procedure you had, but it is no full tummy tuck that I have ever heard of. Let's assume that you indeed have a horizontal scar down there that you are not showing...then you could have had a full tummy tuck, and the vertical scar is from closing the old belly button hole that moved down. Sometimes the closure of this hole can be longer than desired if the skin is thin and the surgeon is chasing a dog ear so as to not leave a contour irregularity as this incision is closed. If you did have a full TT, then maybe the skin above the BB was not pulled tight, or your skin could just be thin and "damaged" by your pregnancies and not holding up that well...if you are upright taking those photos, then you seem to have a fair amount of excess skin of the upper tummy. If you are bending over, well, the skin has to fold somewhere! From your preop photo it does not appear that you have much if any fat to lipo up above the BB, but of course I did not examine you then. Now, if on the other hand, you do not have a low horizontal scar, and your surgeon did not really do a full TT but instead did a belly button procedure alone, this might account for your scar only being vertical and around the BB, and that there was inadequate tightening of the tissues, and a longer vertical scar...but this is an unusual approach that I have never heard of nor performed, and if your surgeon is not a board-certified plastic surgeon, as in certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, then I would get a second opinion from one who is. This mig

Tummy Tuck Scars Loose Skin

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Sorry but I am very confused.  You state you had a full tummy tuck but I do not see a horizontal scar.  I only see a scar around your belly button and the vertical scar from your belly button down toward your pubic area but the scar stops.  Unless you have a horizontal scar I cannot see, you did not have a "full" tummy tuck.

Albert Dabbah, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

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