Is It Normal to Have Redness and Burning Sensation 10 Days After VBeam?

I have had 5 VBeam treatments for flushing and a broken capillaries from rosacea. I was getting steady improvement over the course of the treatments. The doctor was more aggressive on my last treatment, and after I was very red and had welts in the area that was treated (no bruising). I am 10 days post-treatment, and my cheeks are still red, a bit swollen, and have burning sensation (like a sunburn). Is there anything I can do to reduce redness? Should I have additional VBeam treatments?

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Redness and burning after V-Beam

Thank you for your question.  Sometimes after an aggressive treatment, there is more swelling which will go away, but may take 3-4 weeks.  Talk with your doctor, there may need to be adjustments in energy levels for the next treatment.

I hope this helps.

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