Is It Normal to Have Post Op Accumulation of Blood at the Incision Line?

I had a breast lift 3 weeks ago. There is a dark line which looks like blood down the verticle incision. A couple of days ago after a hot shower, my right breast drained some old blood. The incision looked slightly pink, but today, a dark line of blood accumulated again. My doctor said it's normal but i'm concerned. Also, my skin is swollen about a quarter inch in each direction around the blood line. On a separate note, my skin is itching like crazy. what do i do?

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Blood and swelling at incision line may need another recheck.

If your doctor examined this area and said it was fine, I would believe him . . . unless things have changed since then, at which time I would schedule another visit to make sure your incisions are not developing a superficial infection which may have entered where the blood drained. The old blood draining out is not unusual, though I always worry a bit that any site of drainage is a potential site for infection to enter, which is why a return visit may be necessary based on the swelling around your incision line. Some swelling while healing is normal; an increase in redness or swelling is NOT! Your doctor will be able to tell the difference. If things are getting more red and swollen, see your surgeon NOW!

The itching is normal; nerves are healing and recovering their sensation. This may get worse before it gets better. Do not scratch! Oral Benadryl may help with the itch. BTW, hot showers are probably not advised since your breast skin is numb in some areas, and can be inadvertently burned and blistered without the normal protective sensation of "TOO HOT!" Be careful and take tepid showers until sensation has returned to as close to normal as possible.

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Wound healing issues after breast lift

It is difficult to give an accurate diagnosis without a physical exam.  My guess is that you had a small hematoma (blood collection) which drained.   This could also be some superficial skin loss (epidermolysis) or full thickness skin loss due to excess tension on the skin causing ischemia.

If your surgeon has evaluated you and thinks everything is fine, I would trust him.   Many patients experience mild wound healing issues during cosmetic surgery that will not affect their overall aesthetic result.  Simple reassurance and wound healing guidance will help resolve this issue.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Woudn issues after breast lift

Hard to say without an exam, but you may have a small hematoma that is draining and causing bruising along the suture line. Follow closely with your surgeon.

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Wound healing problems with breast lift (mastopexy

IT is difficult to tell what process is going on from your description.The concern is greater if an implant is in place. Remain in close contact with your surgeon who is best equipped to manage your wound care.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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