Is It Normal to Have Painful, Firm & Tender Breast 8 Month Post-operative After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I'm 22 years old. I had severe breast asymmetry since I was 13 probably due to Poland's Syndrome. 8 months ago I had a correction surgery. I had unilateral submuscular breast implant (silicone gel) on the left breast & mastopexy on the right one. I'm not really satisfied with the results because there's still a huge difference between them in size, shape & everything. I'm not even comfortable with the implant. It doesn't feel like a normal breast & my breast is firm, tender & painful till now.

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Poland's syndrome and symmetry

It is very hard to create symmetry in most breasts let alone a patient with Poland's syndrome on one side. As for pain, it is important to have this evaluated by your surgeon. Pain at 8 months is not normal.

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Painful Breast after 8 months after Implants

Breast implants should not be painful eight months after surgery.    If you are experiencing significant pain, the breast are firm or there is a large difference between sides, you may have a capsular contracture that has formed.   You should be examined by your plastic surgeon and revision considered.  It may also be beneficial to get a second opinion to ensure peace of mind that you are getting the best care.

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