Is It Normal to Still Have Pain, Especially in Upon Waking, 2 Weeks After A Breast Lift/Revision?

It has been 2 weeks since having my 2nd surgery breast lift and revision (after having muscle distortion). I wake up with such pain I cannot get out of bed (especially in my right side) It get better throughout the day but still feel the sharp pain on my right side more, and unbearable in the morning.!!! I had an infection starting at the wound just 3 days ago and started taking antibiotic again. Should I still be on pain pills? I thought I would be a bit more pain free by now.

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Pain 2 weeks after breast lift revision MAY indicate problem, maybe not.

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At this point in time you should be noting your pain diminish, though pain is one of those subjective things that each of us and our patients perceive in quite different ways. Some of my patients are still using pain pills 2 weeks after surgery, but they are truly in the minority, and they should be using them only if everything else of potential concern has been carefully evaluated.

I am most concerned about your comment that you have an infection for which antibiotics have been (re)started. With so many tapes over your incisions it is impossible to see just what they are doing or how they are healing, and in some cases, infection being "held in" by tapes is not as good as exposing the incisions for complete visualization. A critical component of how you are doing is seeing how things look, and whether or not you are improving in response to antibiotic therapy. Hard to tell what's going on when the lid's on! This is doubly critical if you have implants that could become infected--they would likely need to be removed to cure a true infection that reached the implant pockets (if you have implants).

Any INCREASE in pain, redness, swelling, or purulent (pus) drainage is a sign of persistent or worsening infection. You may require culture, change of antibiotic, or drainage of any collection of fluid beneath the skin flaps. See your surgeon NOW, not at your next regularly-scheduled appointment. Good luck!

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Pain after surgery

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There are many reasons for having pain after surgery.  The key is that the pain should start getting better after about two days, it should not be getting worse.

Pain can be due to the fact that you had surgery, that there are sutures in there that help to suspend your breast for the purpose of the breast lift (and the weight of the breast pulling on those sutures may cause some pain), and swelling can cause discomfort.  Pain can also be a sign of infection, injury to some other tissues, or nerve bruising.  You should talk to your board certified plastic surgeon to ensure he is happy with your progress and that he doesn't feel there is anything that needs to be done at this time.

Looking at your pictures, it looks like you will have a great result.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Is It Normal to Still Have Pain, Especially in Upon Waking, 2 Weeks After A Breast Lift/Revision?

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Your history is very troubling. You need in person evaluation by your chosen surgeon and a second opinion. 

You need to see your surgeon

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It is unusual to have sever pain two weeks post surgery.  I would recommend that you see your surgeon as soon as possible.

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Pain after breast surgery

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If you had an infection and are still experiencing pain, it may be related to that or it could be just post-op discomfort.  Hard to say without an exam, but I would definitely follow closely with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Pain after breast surgery

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Pain can be normal after breast revision surgery, or it can be abnormal. So see your surgeon! Only your surgeon can determine whether it is normal postoperative pain, nerve trouble, an infection, or nothing at all. Pain management is a normal part of the postoperative care that plastic surgeons provide to their patients.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy?

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Thank you for the question.

The experience of pain after surgery is subjective and varies greatly from one patient to another. Only a plastic surgeon is in the position to give you good advice in regards to the “normalcy” of the pain that you are experiencing. Sometimes pain can be a sign or symptom of a complication.

Best wishes.

Pain after Breast Lift

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At 2 weeks it would seem like things should be easing up some. It also is a significant time if there has been a change and the pain seems to be increasing. You noted you had an infection start 3 days ago. You did not mention anything about increased reddness or a fever, all signs that should not be ignored. Make sure you share these concerns with your surgeon. I am also curious as to why you have so much steri strips in place? Did the wounds separate in any way? Some patients also have a lower pain tolerance than others as well.

Charles Virden, MD
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