Is It Normal for my Outer Lining of the Areola, to Turn Dark 2 Days After BA?

I really need help on this one, my doc is on vacation...and i wont be going to PS office till mondsy. thats 2 more days. I'm really worried about this. I hope is normal? I got a crescent lift with ba 2 days ago. This morning i looked at my breast i notice the the incision site over the areola was blackish purple. My nipple look fine. All it is the insicion part of it. PLEASSEE HELP ME? By the way i got 475cc's, silicone with a crescent lift. i weight 135lb, 5'7, any more info please let me know.

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Is It Normal for my Outer Lining of the Areola, to Turn Dark 2 Days After BA?

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a photo would be helpful, but based on your description it sounds like bruising. normally bad things don't happen to both breasts at the same time. luckily bruising does. so if both breasts are involved I wouldn't be too concerned. if it is only one side you may want to call whoever is covering.

Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Bruising around areola after implants.

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You have bruising about the area and that is normal.  You doctor must have someone on call when he is away.  This is the law in california.  Goodluck.  Dr George Commpons

Crescent lift incision dark two days after surgery

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You probably knew this was coming, but you need to see your surgeon to get specific, urgent care for your situation.  Even if your surgeon is on vacation, there should be someone you can call -- if you call your surgeon's office, there may be the name of a doctor who is covering for them.

And going to the emergency room is always an option if you are having trouble getting in contact with your surgeon -- there will always be a surgeon they can call to see you for an emergency at any hospital emergency room.

Having said that, posting a photograph of the incision would be helpful if you are not worried enough to see your surgeon.

But, anyone who says "I'm really worried about this" should be calling their surgeon or another surgeon in their area immediately.

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Purple discoloration at incision

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It is hard to reassure you without seeing the problem, but it is most likely a bruise or a small blood collection under the skin. If so it should resolve by itself. However, in case it is something worse, I would advise you to see a physician ASAP.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Rolling Hills Estates Plastic Surgeon
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