Is It Normal for Open Comedones to Develop in an Area Recently Treated by Dermabrasion?

I had spot dermabrasion three weeks ago to remove an indented scar. After two weeks, I went in for a consultation, and I was told I could begin to wear make up to cover the treated area. However, the skin began to dimple somewhat after about two days, and I stopped using make up on the area altogether. Now it looks like there is an enlarged pore in the middle of the treated area, with a large open comedone. Other whiteheads have also started to form in this area. Should I be worried?

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Comedones commonly form in areas treated with dermabrasion and are very likley to occur in patients effected by acne disease.

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Is it Normal for Comedones to Develop in areas treated by Dermabrasion?

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Dermabrasion involves mechanically resurfacing the skin with an abrasive tip driven by a high speed rotary hand engine.  The most common complication encountered after dermabrasion are milia (whiteheads) and acne flares.  Milia are tiny epidermoid cysts which usually disappear after the procedure.  These minor adverse effects should be anticipated and may be treated by comedone extractions, topical tretinoin, other prescription topical medicine, and possibly oral antibiotics.  Enlarged skin pores may also develop but usually shrink to normal size once the swelling has subsided.  Some other potential complications include infection, scarring, hypo or hyper pigmentation, and persistent erythema.

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