Is it Normal to Have One Odd and Ptotic Looking Eye After Upper Lid Surgery? (Photos)

I did upper blepharoplasty 14 days ago. I had completely normal and even eyes before surgery. Right after surgery I had normally looking R eye and odd ( like ptotic) looking L eye. Left eye was more swollen and it seemed to me that I was injected too much local anesthetic in inner corner of the left eye. They healed very well, I dont have any bruises or swollen eyes now, skin looks thin. But the left eye still looks smaller and thinner than right one. And it looks like I have ptos of the left eye. And when I look down, my left eye has bigger gap compare to the right eye. Is it complication after surgery?

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Yes, this would be completely normal.

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It is only when these issues persist that we become concerned.  If your asymmetry were to persist beyond 6 months, then this would be a concern.  If this is primarily related to swelling, it is likely to resolve or nearly resolve in about 4 weeks.  Consider reposting if this does not resolve in another 4 weeks.

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It’s only been two weeks since your surgery so this is most likely swelling. Please wait a couple of months since this should correct itself by that time, as the swelling subsides.

Is it Normal to Have One Droopy Eyelid After Upper Lid Surgery?

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I agree with my colleagues that this is likely to be temporary and related to swelling. It is very common to have asymetrical bruising and swelling after eyelid or other facial procedures. At this point, I would be patient and give yourself more time to heal. A ptotic eyelid can be remedied but I think it is highly unlikely that this issue will persist beyond a few weeks to a few months. You should begin to notice slow improvement as time passes. I hope this information is helpful.

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Is it Normal to Have One Odd and Ptotic Looking Eye After Upper Lid Surgery?

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Love to see a posted before photo to see if you had some lag of this left upper eye lid??? Could be postoperative lag due to swelling, or a potential levitator injury. Seek in person opinions and time to heal like 3 months. 

2 weeks after eyelid surgery is too early to judge the result

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Hi Natalia.  Two weeks after any facial work is much too early to judge the result because of persistent swelling from the procedure.  I would give myself at least 3 months.  For now you can take a series of photos two weeks apart to check for improvement.  You should be able to notice a difference with each photo.  Good luck.

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