Is It Normal to Have my Eyes Dilated for About 24 Hours After a LASIK Consultation?

I bought a GROUPON for LASIK surgery. I don't know much about the place. They seemed professional. However, I couldn't really see for about 24 hours due to the dilation of my pupils during the consult. Everyone I ask who has had LASIK says that sounds weird. That theirs only lasted up to 4 hours that most. I'm a bit afraid this means they are using cheap drops or something. Should I be worried?

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Groupon for LASIK

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  • The dilating drops used in a LASIK consultation can easily cause dilation of the eyes for 24 hours or more.  This would be even more significant for those with blue or green eyes.
  • I would be extremely cautious about Groupon deals when it comes to your eyes.
  • You would never consider Groupon or the cheapest provider if you needed heart surgery.
  • Quality LASIK is not cheap.
  • If considering a Groupon deal, make sure that you are getting the best technology, have an experienced surgeon, and make sure that your surgeon is available to see you postoperatively if you have a problem.

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