Normal to Have Muscle Tremors 2 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation done through my armpit using mentor smooth saline 375 cc placed under my muscle about 2 years ago. When I try to use my chest muscles for normal everyday things or even just raising my arms the muscles will shake/jump uncontrollably and tremor. If I flex the muscle as hard as I can then the shaking stops, but causes cramping so I don't like to do it. Is this a normal outcome and risk from a breast augmentation?

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Tremors After Augmentation

Persistent tremors 2 years after breast aumentation are very unusual. In my own practice, I have had patients for whom tremors appeared only very transiently, in the first weeks or months after augmentation, but then disappeared.

Do consult with your sugeon.

Since I don't have much experience with the problem you describe, I might also consider stretching exercises, massage, ultrasound, even accupncture.

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Muscle tremors occuring after breast implant augmentation

Muscle cramping can occur with any activity and may not necessarily be related to the presence of the implant but this does sound unusual and I would discuss it with your surgeon. IF sufficently bothersome, it could be lessened with Botox

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