Is Hardness and Swelling Normal 3 Months After a TT?

I feel like i wake up in the morning and i look flat, then after only a few hours i look like this. when you have a TT are you supposed to still have rolls when you sit? Is swelling still normal at this time? i feel hard/pressure. My PS says i feel soft to him, but its still not comfortable...any suggestions? And does this look like a normal TT for 3 months post op? Also, for my belly button should i seek help from another PS to fix/hide my scar. Mine seems to think this looks normal...I HATE it

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Swelling after tummy tuck

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Intermittent swelling can go on for many months -  when you stand up after being in bed all night, the fluid can pool more because of gravity.   If you have a very hard area, this can represent a collection of blood or fluid that may need to be treated, but it sounds like your surgeon has already checked this out.   I would recommend patience (one of the hardest things to hear, I know), but I wouldn't consider a revision until at least 9 months (preferably a year) since scars continue to mature a lot after the 3 month mark.  There are scar therapies such as massage, sun avoidance and silicone gels or tapes that I always advise patients to use during this time.

Abdominoplasty and swelling

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It can be normal to have swelling in 3 months after abdominoplasty. Massage and the control top underwear may help to speed up healing and stop the swelling that occurs at the end of the day.

It may be possible to improve the appearance of your umbilicus.

Shortening the  stalk of the umbilicus and placating it to the fascia can allow the scar to be pulled into the umbilicus this may improve the appearance of your scars. It is always more difficult to fix it and do it right the 1st time but I think it can be improved.

I have done this a few times and once on my own pt.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Recovery after Tummy Tuck surgery

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After tummy tuck surgery, it can take months for the swelling to subside.  Yes, I have seen patients who will have more swelling later in the day after their activity.  It can take 6-8 months sometimes for you to feel great all day (it's patient specific).  As for the scar / belly button, I always suggest that patients wait at least 1 year after surgery to allow for the scarring to completely heal before considering revisionary surgery.  The scar will continue to heal, soften and fade up to that 1 year mark.

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