Are my Breasts normal at one month post op? (Photo)

I'm exactly one months post op and my right breast dropped instantly and my left just started to soften up. Is this still normal looking for one month post op and need to play the waiting game?

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Asymmetry one month post-op

and if you were my patient, I would be instructing you on maneuvers to help the high one settle more, assuming you are completely happy with your lower side.  So ask your surgeon for what to do to help get the best possible result.  Changes can still be made with massage and manipulation but the window is closing.

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Breast asymmentry one month post augmentation

Hello and thanks for your question
You have a somewhat higher positioned left breast implant which may be related to an early capsular contracture. It would be reasonable to initiate consisted superior massage exercises and wear a superior band to expand the lower implant capsule allowing the implant to drop to a lower position. If a firm capsule exists, the addition of Singulair( a smooth muscle relaxant) can also be helpful. If all this is unsuccessful a revision to lower the implant may be necessary but not before at least three months. Asymmentries of implant position are not rare and can occur even in a well performed procedure.Best of luck.

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Breast asymmetry after augmentation

From your photo it appears that you have asymmetry of your breasts.   Specifically the left side is higher and the right side is lower.  I would absolutely recommend a close follow up with your surgeon who performed your procedure.  Your examination will help clarify exactly what's going on.  You likely have some implant malposition.   This may potentially require revision.  Revision procedures after augmentation typically are performed after minimum three, preferably six months.  Your surgeon will help you in making these decisions.  Massage or upper breast band may help with pushing the implant down on the left side. Good luck


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Not Normal

Thanks for your pictures.  This is not normal for one month after surgery.  Your right breast will never catch your left breast and I don't think you want it to.  I would recommend a revision of your left breast at 3 months.  

Earl Stephenson, Jr,MD, DDS, FACS

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