Is It Normal to Have a Loss in Circulation at Nine Weeks Post-op Arm Lift?

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Loss in Circulation at Nine Weeks Post-op Arm Lift?

Hard to answer this without knowing what you mean. Why do you suspect that you may have lost circulation?

Circulation to the skin is diminished in any lifting operation, although less in the arm than in any other lift because little or none of the remaining skin has been elevated off its blood supply, unlike a tummy tuck,, breast lift or face lift. 

The circulation to the arm proper should not be affected unless the skin closure was so tight as to compress the arteries or veins. Had that happened, you would have had serious symptoms way before 9 weeks. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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Loss of Circulation following armlift.

Thanks so much for your question.  I am not certain what you mean by loss of circulation.  If you are having some numbness and tingling that might signify more of a nerve compression rather than a circulation issue.  You would have to be more specific with you symptoms so that I can give you a more specific answer.

Shaun Parson, MD
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Loss in Circulation 9 Weeks after Arm Lift

   Circulation problems after arm lift would be apparent early in the postoperative course.  It is possible that a blood clot has developed and increased swelling in the arm.  This should be investigated quickly if this is the case.

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Difficulty with circulation after armlift?

It's hard to tell what you mean. Loss of blood flow to the hand would be very rare 9 weeks out and if that occurred - it's an emergency. Perhaps you're thinking about numbness or a "sleepy" feeling that you get sometimes after waking up from sleeping? Nerve compression can cause this and with swelling and tightness after arm surgery it certainly could be more symptomatic. Talk to your PS and see what they recommend - Dr. Aldo.

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