Is It Normal to Have Light Pec Muscle Twitching 10 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation?

10 months post op my breasts feel soft and there is no pain. Everything was totally fine until I got really sick with a chest cold and had a horrible cough for 6 weeks which causes a great deal of strained muscle pain in my ribs and stomach. I have recovered from my cough and the muscles in my ribs and abdomen feel normal, however, I have been feeling a light twitch in my right pec area that seems to come on here and there throughout the day with normal arm movement. Should I be worried?

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Pectoralis muscle twitching 10 months after a breast augmentation

The spasms that you are experiencing are most likely temporary and will go away with time.  Light massage may help.  If you notice a change in the shape or feel of your breast then it is time to check with your plastic surgeon.  

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Pec spasm?

Sometimes after breast augmentation pectoralis muscle spasm can occur. It usually  occurs during the first few weeks to months after surgery and improves.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is It Normal to Have Light Pec Muscle Twitching 10 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation?

This does not sound particularly concerning to me, and is more likely related to inflammation related to the coughing than to the implants. At any rate, it is not a marker of any sort of implant problem.All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Muscle Twitching after Breast Augmentation?

Your description does not sound very concerning to me. This is especially true given that your physical examination/breast softness has not changed.  Of course, for a more accurate assessment, advice, and/or reassurance, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource.

Best wishes.

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Patients can be reminded of their operation even months after breast augmentation.

Even at 10 months there is biologic activity around a breast implant. Twitching pectoralis muscle on occasion is quite common.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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