Will Fractional Resurfacing Have Long-term Effects?

I am having a fractional resurfacing for some scars i have in my face, they going to do my full face. But I want to know what are the risk of this treatments and also if i can have a normal life after this. Is my skin going to be too sensitive? Is people usually doing this at my age? Should I wait to get older to do it?

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Fractional resurfacing for acne scars

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Fractional resurfacing for acne scars with lasers such as Fraxel Restore, can provide long term correction as the collagen that is produced is not a temporary effect.  Depending on the depth of the scars, some  patients benefit from many treatments, beyond the standard five or six. Treatment can begin when someone is in their twenties, but the acne should be under control prior ot the laser treatment.

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Fractional Skin Resurfacing works for Scars

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A Fractional laser treats only a proportion of the epidermis and dermis, or only a "fraction" of the skin surface, leaving much of the skin to act as a reservoir to heal the ablated tissue quickly. Fractional ablative and non-ablative lasers come in many different shapes and sizes. The risks can be related to the kind of fractional laser is being used, the amount of energy, your skin type and condition as well as a host of different factors.

While fractional lasers have made laser resurfacing more predictable that full skin resurfacing, there can certainly be complications, such as hypo or hyperpigmentation and rarely, additional scarring. The benefits of fractional resurfacing, depending upon the kind of fractional laser and your expectation can also be very satisfying.

However,  I would recommend you return to your physician to discuss more fully the risks and benefits of the specific procedure that is proposed for you. It is important you would always seek a consultation with a certified aesthetic physician before embarking upon any treatment program discussed on a website.

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Fractional resurfacing have long-term effects

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You ask many questions but fail to give enough details about you and no photo. So the simple answers are ask the laser doc, No there will be little effect, and be careful to be fully ionformed.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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