Bulge Left After Umbilical Hernia Repair- What Can I Do?

I had two umbilical hernias removed and it obviously left a scar, but it also left my belly button deformed...AND the doctor who performed the surgery left fatty tissue balled up on the right side of my belly button. I am a thin woman and I can no longer wear form fitting shirts due to the fact that it appears I have a mass growing on my stomach! I asked him about it, and he pretty much said its not his issue. What I can I do about this? Also, was it legal for him to leave my belly literally DEFOREMED??

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An ugly navel can usually be corrected.

Not sure why things turned out the way they did for you with your umbilical hernia repair.  Usually these can be corrected leaving a very natural appearing umbilicus.  I would consult a platic surgeon who can probably make it look much better.

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