Is It Normal to Be Left with Visibly Uneven Nipples After Breast Implants & a Small Amount of Liquid from Surgery?

I had my 1st breast implant surgery in 2001. In 2009 I had my 2nd surgery. I changed from saline to jell silicon & reduced them by 100 cc & 150 on the other. After several months I began experiencing pain/discomfort + one breast/nipple was a lot higher than the other. I had some test run. They found several cysts, small amount of liquid underneath pocket. Is it normal to be left with visibly uneven nipples after breast implants and with a small amount of liquid from surgery?

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You may have a contracture... Check with your surgeon

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If the nipples became uneven after your last surgery and you are having pain, my guess is that something is happening to your capsule, like a slight contracture. Anytime a surgeon manipulates the capsule a contracture can occur, even with a fairly straightforward thing like an implant exchange. As far as the fluid, if we looked at our patients post op we would probably see some of this as well. But we usually don’t look! So I would check with your surgeon to see if your capsule has changed.


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Uneven nipples

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It is very difficult to say what is going on since we don't have any before / after photos to refer to.  No surgery is ever 100% and I always tell patients that there may be breast asymmetry.  The best thing to do is to go see your surgeon so that he/she discuss what is going on in your case.

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Normal after breast implant revision

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When breast augmentation has had issues with poor position, capsular contracture, symmetry issues, much can be corrected with a revision. It is not normal to have an uneven nipple position, tenderness in the breast, or fluid (seroma). Better see your surgeon to help sort things out.

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Uneven Nipples

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Unfortunately you have not provided photos and I am only guessing what has happened. Your uneven nipples could be due to scarring or different implant  positions. The fluid collection might be a seroma or fluid collection after the second surgery. In any case you should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to have him examine your breasts and discuss your concerns.

Richard Linderman, MD
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