Is It Normal to Be 6 Lbs Heavier 11 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck then Before?

I had a tummy tuck 11 weeks ago and am 6 lbs heavier which is really upsetting me. My PS says it s fluid but I am not losing anything and am even dieting and exercising 5 days per week. Is it normal to still be holding this much fluid almost 3 months post op?

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Weight gain after tummy tuck/abdominoplasty

Most weight gain after surgery is gone in a few weeks.  If there is "fluid," is it generalized or is your PS saying you have a fluid collection, aka a seroma?  I doubt it is the latter if he/she hasn't offered to drain the fluid off.  Tummy tucks are a purely SUBTRACTIVE procedure (meaning all we do is remove tissues, nothing is put in), so there is no reason long term you would still be heavier 11 weeks later.  Considerations: kidney/heart function problems, calorie intake, seroma (fluid collection, undiagnosed or other), and others.  If your PS cannot offer a reasonable explanation, I would recommend you get in to see your internist/family practitioner.  Best of luck to you.

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