Is it Normal to Have a Large Indentation on My Right Flank After Smart Lipo?

Is It Normal to Have a Large Indentation on One Side Right at the Waist Area After Smart Lipo on Flanks? I dont have the indentation on my left side.

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Indentations After SmartLipo

The best way to contour patients, no matter what type of liposuction (preferentially traditional or ultrasound), is to know that liposuction is a defined sculpting techniqueand the results are determined primarily by the Surgeon and their expertise and experience and not by the Technology which can, especially in the early phases of development,  cause problems.

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Mild irregularities are normal immediately after liposuction but large irregularities are not.

Generally after any type of liposuction (traditional, laser, power, ultrasonic, etc.) you will see some irregularities immediately after the procedure.  Generally this is from the swelling, liquefied fat, or tumescent solution used to perform the procedure.  It takes time for that irregularity to improve and it generally does if it is mild in nature. 

If however the irregularity is significant or severe it will likely improve but may not disapear completely.  The longer the irregularity is present, the longer it is likely to leave behind some residual evidence of its presence.

So based on when you had your procedure done you may see improvements.  You should definitely speak with your surgeon about your concerns.

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