If I Have Symmastia at 15, Could My Breasts Look Normal Later as I Age?

I am 15... and I think I have that symmastia-where my breast don't seperate correctly... My mom says I'm still a baby... Will the vally get wider over and time and look normal?

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Symmastia without surgery?

You have an interesting question but its difficult to imagine what you may have without photos.  If this issue is causing you excessive concern, I would suggest you see your regular doctor first to confirm something unusual is occurring and if so, then a board-certified plastic surgeon to receive your options for management.  


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Symmastia at age 15

In general, basic breast growth is complete by age 18 but there is a lot of variation and many changes related to hormones, weight, and pregnancy. However, the medial (central) edge of the breast is not likely to change position at this point. Cleavage is both the distance between the breast edges and the steepness of the edge of the breast. This can definitely be affected by the underlying chest bones (sternum and rib junctions). Generally true symmastia is caused by surgery -- usually too big an implant into too big a pocket extending beyond the true edge of the breast. You could certainly consult a plastic surgeon regarding your concerns, but I would not recommend operating on it until you are 18, fully grown, and can sign your own consent form.

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Breast Concerns at Age 15

Women's breast go through many changes throughout their lives, and many women continue to have breast development up to the age of 21-22.  At 15 you probably have a lot of change still to come.  Many women have breast tissue that crosses the junction of the ribs and sternum.  Yours is probably quite normal.  Just remember that most teenagers are self conscious about their bodies as they are changing.  Your primary care doctor can let you know if your breasts appear to be developing normally and that may be reassuring to you.

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Symmastia in a teenager

I agree that symmastia is unlikely without previously having breast surgery performed.  If this some form of congenital chest wall deformity, it probably won't change with age.  Consultation with a local plastic surgeon would be advised.

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Breast Symmastia

It is very unlikely to have breast symmastia with out having them created that way by surgery. Unless you have some congenital deformity (birth defect). Some Women with a deformity of the chest bones may appear as if having symmastia due to the depression at the chest midline (Pectus excavatum).

It would be helpful to see pictures!

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