Why are my breasts so sore on day 7?

I was doing fine this week and I knew my left breast just had to drop and was stuck now after 6 days all of a sudden it's really sore and at the bottom of the center of my breasts and by my insisions. What's happening in concerned. My pre op is today thank goodness

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Post Op Breast Discomfort

It could be that shifting in position and pressure from your implants has caused new/different sensations. It does not sound like you are describing anything unusual but it is always a good idea to let your own Plastic Surgeon advise you about any changes.  All the best

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New Breast Soreness After One Week

It is not unusual for your breasts to cycle through different periods of feeling better than worse again.  As the tissues heal and relax, the implant will start to settle, pushing on areas and irritating them to a degree.  As long as you do not have any new bruising that developed or one breast is markedly more swollen than the other side, it should be in the realm of normal.  I would check and see what your surgeon has to say, but sounds normal.  I hope this helps.

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See your surgeon

Any change postoperatively, that is quite different from side to side, need sto be evaluated by your operating surgeon. I would not rely on any advice given on a forum without all of the information necessary to make a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Breast augmentation - breasts are hurting after a week

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.
  • Please see your plastic surgeon for an exam - 
  • One-sided pain after breast augmentation should be reported to your surgeon.
  • It may be that you've been doing too much or that your period is about to start -
  • But let your surgeon be the one to check this out.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Sore on day 7?

Hello and thank you for your question and concerns.
 It is good that your post op consultation is set for today because meeting with your plastic surgeon I am sure will ease your mind. Be sure to find out all you can about post operation recovery to ensure it as smooth a process as possible.
 Remember that only one week post-operation is an extremely short time frame. I would expect soreness for at least the next 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer. At 6 days post-op sudden soreness, burning, or stinging sensations can and will occur while the implant is stretching out the muscles and tissues and the nerve endings are growing back. Remember that final results will not be seen till the 4-6 month mark. And scars wont heal for another one year to one and a half years. Be sure to bring up any concerns about recovery to your board certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes

Traci Temmen, MD 
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