Is it normal to be very high 4 weeks after Breast Implant Revision? When will the implant drop?

I had left breast implant revision less than 4 weeks ago. I believe I may have had double bubble? My left implant basically had no crease. The doctor went in and used absorbable sutures (vicryl). He told me that he had to 'over exaggerate' that side. I'm regretting doing the surgery now that I look so lopsided. Especially this close to summer. The left implant is extremely high. I went back to him and he told me that it will drop in 1-2 months. Should I expect this or longer? Very frustrated.

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Breast Augmentation Band

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Implants typically begin to settle into the pocket after approximately two weeks. Often, patients use a breast augmentation band during this time period to put downward pressure on the implant to expedite this process. If your implants are still high after a month, it would be advisable to see your surgeon again, as you may need further adjustment.

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You have to trust your surgeon

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and hopefully it will all be good in the end.  Its true that it could impact your summer a little but if your results turn out perfect, that is a small sacrifice.  If things do not settle as desired, revisions can always be pursued down the road.  It can be a long journey so patience is required.  You cannot change horses in the middle of the race and trust your surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
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