Normal Healing or Infection For a Tummy Tuck Incision To Smell And Ooze?

I am 4 wks postop from a hyst and full tummy tuck. The last few days I noticed a bad smell and found that it was coming from the middle of my large incision. It is still covered with tape but I noticed there was a small part of tape that had come up so I looked under it. there were a few patches of white and it was a bit oozy, and smells bad. I called the Dr office and they didn't seem concerned, told me to get home, take the bandage off, clean w alcohol and put vit e oil on it.

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Which doctor's office did you call? Ob/Gyn or plastic surgeon?

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Whenever a hysterectomy is performed at the same setting as a tummy tuck, there is a potential for each surgeon to perhaps feel a problem such as infection is the "other surgeon's" problem. Of course, this "passing the buck" fails to recognize that the problem is yours and will only get worse if left unexamined and untreated. Whichever surgeon takes the bull by the horns also tacitly assumes "responsibility" for the treatment and outcome, regardless of whose portion of the procedure is the true culprit. This is one reason I don't like combined procedures involving a bacteriologically-contaminated surgery such as abdominal hysterectomy with a clean procedure such as tummy tuck.

You should consider that you have an infection until proven otherwise. Tapes need removal, wound inspected, cultures taken, and antibiotic therapy started. See your surgeon NOW. Good luck and best wishes

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Smelly drainage after tummy tuck

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A malodorous incision can reflect an infection. You should see your plastic surgeon who may culture the drainage and place you on antibiotics. You should see your plastic surgeon this week.

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It is common to have wound healing complications in the middle of your tummy tuck inscision 4 weeks after surgery. It is concerning that there is an odor coming from the site which could mean the beginning of a possible infection. I would definately make an appointment to have your plastic surgeon to assess the area.

Leo Lapuerta, MD
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