Normal Healing or Crack: What's Next?

28yo w/ healthy teeth. After having a deep filling I had a zing like sensation on bite down not release. They adjusted the bite twice, No improvement so they re-filled it. Then I went to an endo who did RC testing&xray (all neg),adjusted bite. No luck so the dds started a temp crown. Result; sensitive tooth/pain w pressure, sore jaw, headache. Had RC 5 days ago,zing is gone,jaw hurts baf &any pressure near tooth is very painful (bitedown or pushing w tongue/finger,tap).normal or root crack?

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Normal Healing or Crack?

Upper or lower tooth? It's best not to chew on a tooth that has had RC for at least a week. Eliminating inflammation is key to healing a RC. Your dentist might consider antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. 

You also need to rule out TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) as a source of your pain, especially jaw pain and headaches. If this is an upper tooth, the original tooth pain might also be the result of TMD.

Good luck!

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Pain after root canal ?

Get it another 5-7 days if you still have issues consider cracked tooth good luck


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Root Canal Information

If you are still having pain, that its not common after 5 days.

Sometimes when you had an infection, they have to remove any infected tissue around the cavity and pulp and canals access point.

Usually when you have pain and radiographically you cant see anything it can be a chronic nerve pulp disease. It needs to be retreated.

Root canal filling have to  be removed, irrigate with medicated solution clorhexidine (2% endo grade). and make the root canal again after this.

because one of the most important things your doctor had to do its take that tooth out of occlusion before doing provisionals, sometimes many doctors want money instantly without looking for patient wellfare.

you also had to take antibiotics and antiinflamatory medication.


good luck with your treatment.



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Tooth pain

some discomfort after a root canal is normal for a few days.  If there is a residual infection, you might need antibiotics.

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