Is it normal for your skin to look worse after fraxel and how long before it looks better ? (photo)

I am 18 days post Fraxeldual treatment, i had 12 pass done of the 1927. My skin is feeling very fragile and easily irritated, I have what everyone else seems to be describing as "orange peel" texture on my face , still quiet a bit of reddness and i must say i look older now than before the treatment, friends that didnt know i had treatment have even made comment and not in a postive way .................will this get better ? or is this my end result?

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Fraxel Treatment and Results

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Fraxel is an excellent laser.  The passes you described without the settings do not explain why your skin is still red or irritated.  Please return to your treating physician for evaluation.  For the best cosmetic results it is always best to consult a board certified dermatologist who performs Fraxel on a daily basis.

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