Is it normal for your nose to swell this much after 1 week post closed rhinoplasty? (photo)

My op was on Thurs and my splint was removed Mon morning. My surgeon performed closed rhinoplasty osteotomy, tip reshaping and nostril correction to reduce nostrils and width of nose. I understand that swelling will be extreme at this early stage but I have read that once splint is initially removed you will see 80% of what your nose will look like, is it normal for my nose to be wider than prior to surgery because of swelling? I read that splints are generally not removed until 1week post op.

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1 week post-op rhinoplasty swelling

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The maximum swelling following rhinoplasty usually appear on the 3rd day after the surgery and then it gradually subsides from there. Since it had only been a week since your surgery, this amount of swelling is normal and it should get better within the next few weeks. 

The final result of the surgery can be expected 6-12months after the procedure.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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Swelling can be very significant after rhinoplasty and at one week it is to early to say that this is too much.  Allow yourself appropriate time to heal and within the next week your swelling should resolve dramatically.  Keep in mind it takes up to one year for the final result of a rhinoplasty to be evident.

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