Is It Normal for the Right Side of my Nose to Be Completely Blocked POST Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty last tuesday because I had a deviated septum (right side was slightly blocked). It's been 7 days now, and my left side I can breathe in and out very well, however, my right side is completely blocked. I actually think they've made a possible mistake and pushed my bone to the right (the wrong side) because I cannot literally breath at all with my right side. If I try hard, I can squeeze a very little nasal air out of my right side, but nothing in. Is all this what to expect?

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Completely block breathing on one side of nose after septoplasty

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This early after septoplasty the severe right sided breathing blockage could be due to crusting or dry blood. This should resolve once this is cleared out. A visit with your surgeon would be the best next step to have your nose examined and to find out what is going one.

Post-Op Septoplasty / Blockage

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It is important that you are examined by your physician.  Seven days is a very short period of time after your surgery.  There could be multiple explanations for what you are experiencing.  For one, you may have some crusting which has accumulated in your nose (i.e. dried blood, mucus).  You could also have normal swelling inside your nose which is contributing to this blocked feeling.  Either way, I highly encourage you to be examined by your surgeon to diagnose the cause for your blockage.

One week obstruction after septoplasty

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There are many reasons for nasal airway problems. Just one week after surgery, it may be normal to have decreased airflow. There could still be scabs in the nose, the surgeon may have used absorbable packing to stop bleeding, or there may be swelling. On the other hand, there may be bleeding that needs to be controlled or a remaining deviation that needs to be surgically addressed. I would certainly talk with your surgeon about your concerns and have them reexamine your nose.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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