Is It Normal for the Face/neck Lift Chin Scar Be Seriously Pronounced 3 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

The dr removed dissolvable stitches after 10 days and said to use scar cream 2x day. Day 15 he advised gentle massage. Then, it started to puss so he advised I stop massaging and using scar cream, and rather switch to bacitracin for a few days. I did. He said no make up for at least another 2 weeks until it heals. How long will it take for this scar to be unnoticeable? What is the normal progression of time? Is my scar normal 3 wks post op? What about the elephant neck?

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Post-op Scarring After Facelift

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It is normal for surgical scars to be red and noticeable just 3 weeks post op.  From the photos you posted, the scar appears normal for the time frame.  I know this is something patients want to happen very quickly, but the body needs time to heal; over the next year the scar will fade and become less noticeable. Follow your surgeon’s post op care plan and it will heal up nicely. “Dr. D”

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Incision at 3 Weeks

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   Incisions at 3 weeks should be red, and the scars will improve with time.  Over the course of a year, the scar will fade and become more pliable.

Is It Normal for the Face/neck Lift Chin Scar Be Seriously Pronounced 3 Weeks Post Op?

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Based ONLY upon the postured photos the incision appears to be healing very nicely. Allow more healing time. 

Scar After Facelift/Neck Lift

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Redness and scars generally take several weeks to months following your procedure to resolve. It's best to follow the post operative care instructions outlined by your plastic surgeon. If you feel your scar hasn't improved at all over the next several weeks, please visit your plastic surgeon.

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