Is It Normal for the Columella to Appear Discoloured Above the Incision? (photo)

Besides the skink above the incision looking paler and swollen, just right in the middle of it it seems as if the sticking hasn't been done correctly and a small granuloma piece of skin seems to be 'hanging' there. Will it resolve on its own or would it need laser or other treatment to flatten it? I'm 11 days into a open septo/rhinoplasty. To add some infos, the inside of the left nostril is still not fully healed, because when a place a q-tio in it to clean it, blood appears on it.

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Open Rhinoplasty Incision

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Dear Willondon,

I do not personally like to say anything bad about most surgeons work however this incision is less then favorable. In open rhinoplasty I use a different incision technique and the incision is difficult to see with the natural eye. I would see your surgeon as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and then a proper diagnosis and treatment plan will be advised. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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