It is normal for the bruising to increase by the 4th day after breast augmentation? (Photo)

It is very bruising under the breasts where the bra hits.

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It is normal for the bruising to increase by the 4th day after breast augmentation? (Photo)

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Thank you for your question.

Bruising can be normal for up to 6 weeks following breast augmentation with breast implants. I always recommend seeing your Plastic Surgeon to be sure you are healing properly.

Breast Enhancement

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Bruising can be very dramatic and can make patients very anxious. If the size is not increasing and the pain is not increasing it is unlikely to be a hematoma

Bruising shows up a few days later

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from the date of your procedure.  As long as your anatomy isn't growing in size, its considered just a bruise.  If something is getting larger or fuller, you may have a bleed and you should be talking to your surgeon.  My patients benefit from warm compresses to help the bruising resolve faster.

Increased brusing

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Sometimes a deeper bleed will not show up for a few days after surgery, much like a pulled muscle , the bruise may take a week to appear


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You need to see your plastic surgeon ASAP.  An in-person evaluation is needed to ensure that you don't have a hematoma.


Bruising after Breast Augmentation

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That is not a usual amount of bruising after a breast augmentation. You need to go see your plastic surgeon sooner than later so that he/she can evaluate you in person.  

Bruising and Breast Augmentation

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Although it can happen, it is neither normal or desirable to have bruising after breast augmentation. You have two separate bruises.  The greenish one around your incision indicates bleeding from the skin and breast tissue above your muscle; it is more common and less worrisome than the other, darker bruise you have below your breast.  That is from blood that has accumulated around your implant.  In general, it is desirable to have no bleeding or accumulated blood around your implant, as it causes post operative pain and puts you at higher risk for capsular contracture or infection.
You should follow up closely with your surgeon.
Best of luck.

Hard to say

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It's hard to say what's going on based on a photo. Bruising can increase over a few days as blood left in the pocket surfaces toward the skin level but you need to see your surgeon to rule out a hematoma, ie. substantial blood collection in the pocket, since that can cause complications if left untreated.

Robert S. Backstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

It is normal for the bruising to increase by the 4th day after breast augmentation?

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Unfortunately, online consultants will not be of much specific help/reassurance to you. The only responsible thing for you to do would be to communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon, who knows exactly what was done and what is within the “range of normal” expectations. Best wishes.

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