Is this normal for tattoo removal!? HELP! (photo)

I have had an appointment at a spa, to start the process of removing an armband tattoo, that is double, it is pink underneath, and a cover-up ontop with black. I am really scared, because, they started by using some kind of alkaline peel before we start the laser it was very painful, and it looks very deep. I am so scared that it will make a giant horrible scar. they told me to keep it covered and moist with ointment for two days, then remove to let it dry out and scab.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

I am not aware that it is acceptable to remove tattoos in a spa setting.  I do all of my tattoo removals personally.  These lasers are powerful and you need to make sure that the person that is treating you is qualified.  I suggest you make an appointment to discuss your concerns with the physician that is treating you.  As an aside, I would not recommend peeling the skin before a laser tattoo removal session.   

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