Is is it normal for skin to turn purple/ black after Fraxel Pixel Laser? (photos)

I had a fraxel pixel performed on me on Thursday Feb 27, 2014. I was told I would be able to return to work. First day my face felt like a very bad sunburn. It hurt so much I couldn't fall asleep that night. The second day my face was swollen and I had dark circled under my eyes like a football player. My face is tight, has not peeled, and almost a shade of black. Tomorrow will be day 5..... Photos of day 3 & 4 attached. When will I be back to normal and any way to speed up the process??

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Fraxel Laser and Healing

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The Fraxel Laser and the Pixel laser are two different lasers.  Please return to your treating physician if they did not describe your condition as an expectant one after the laser procedure.  I would like to know if you had Fraxel Laser or not.  Fraxel takes approximately one week to heal and leaves you with fine sandpaper that it is light brown and flakes off. 

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