Is it normal for a plastic surgeon to have his nurse (RN) do mole removals (excisions)?

I'm going in for quite a few mole removals (excisions) all at once. We made the appointment for surgery weeks ago after a consultation, and then his office called now just a few days before the surgery to confirm the appointment and tell me that the nurse who I haven't even met yet will be doing most of the surgery, and on questioning by me, they said the doctor will be there, but he'll be "in and out" during the surgery. Is this normal?

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RN Removing Moles

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In the state of Florida, and RN is not licensed to remove moles or perform surgical procedures; I am not sure what the regulations in Georgia call for. An NP or PA under the supervision of a Doctor can do so. If you would prefer the plastic surgeon to do the procedure, I recommend that you call the office and make your preferences known.

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