Is It Normal for my Palette Behind Central Incisors to Bleed on my 1st Week of Treatment?

It is the first week on my invisalign treatment and i've noticed the toothache subside little by little. Unfortuanately the top of my mouth behing my front two teeth always seem to bleed, especially in the morning. It's swollen also. Is this normal?

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Some Invisalign aligners need to be trimmed

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Once in awhile, patients do develop sore areas on their gums from the aligners rubbing, but this is easily solved by having your dentist trim the Invisalign aligners.  Contact your dentist right away to determine if this is the solution, or if something else might be going on with your gums.  

Dubuque Dentist

Bleeding and soreness with aligners

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Definitely contact your invisialign provider as there is most likely a problem.  It may be minor, but if you wait, it can become major.  Beeding usually indicates irritation triggered by something.

Palate Bleeding

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I would recommend that you call your orthodontist right away and explain the situation.  It is quite likely that they will want to see you to see what is happening.  

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

Aligners causing bleeding

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You should go to your doctor immediately and see what the problem is.   THey may be overextended into the gums and need to be trimmed back.  This would be rare.  SOmething else may be going on as well.  This should be diagnosed and resolved quickly

Invisalign aligners may be putting pressure on your gums.

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It is not normal for the gums to be swollen or bleed with the aligners.  It sounds like the aligner may be digging into your gums causing irritation.  Please go back to your treating doctor and see if the aligner needs to be trimmed back. 


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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