Is It Normal for my Face to Be Brown in Areas After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I did a home peel months ago. Started with 10% and nothing happened. No redness or peeling at all. Few weeks later I did 20% with the same results. Yesterday I did 25% and right away I knew it to be different. My face 'frosted' and turned red. Now it has turned brown in spots. I know its only been a day but is this normal?

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Chemical Peel at Home? There's a Reason these Procedures Are Performed by Professionals

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Please be very careful in placing chemical peels on your face that are bought on the internet or who knows where.  It would be helpful to know what chemical agent was used.  However, the frosting and grey/ brown appearance of your skin 24 hours later suggest that your skin will begin to peel in the next few days.  Cover your skin with a petroleum based emollient and stay out of the sun! 

I would also recommend seeing a Facial Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to guide you through the healing process.  The possibility of transient inflammatory hyperpigmentation still exists. 

I hope this was a learning experience for the viewing public: Applying caustic substances on the skin of unknown strength and unverifiable contents is like playing Russian Roulette. Chemical Peels can cause severe burns and sometimes irreparable harm if not used in a responsible, safe manner.

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