Is It Normal for my Breast Implant Incisions to Be Sore and Feel Like They're Rubbing?

I am 2 weeks post op and my insicions are under my breast. I saw my doctor about 5 days ago and he said all is well. But today my insicions mainly on my right side feel very irritated. They stitches are out but he out a piece of some kind of tape over them. What can I do to relieve my pain? Could my sports bra maybe be too tight?

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Rubbing Sensation over incision 2 weeks post op

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You are so early in the healing process, I would recommend you meet with your doctor for an exam, to determine if you have a problem.

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Rubbing Sensation over Incision at 2 Weeks Following Breast Implants

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  This rubbing sensation may be due to inferior pole fullness and breast incision contact with the rest of the breast or chest wall.  This could be due to the bra.  You are early in healing and you may not have a problem at all.   Your plastic surgeon can address this issue in person.

Is It Normal for my Breast Implant Incisions to Be Sore and Feel Like They're Rubbing?

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It is not at all unusual to still have some sensations of pain, and it may well be that your bra is rubbing the incision.

Your question would be best addressed to your surgeon who knows what was done and has followed your progress. He will be in a much better position to assess and recommend than any online consultant, and he is there to help you get through your recovery as comfortably as possible. 

All the best. 

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