Is It Normal for Laser Hair Removal Appointment to Be Spread 4-8 Weeks, then 3 Months then 5 Months?

Hi, I have been going to laser hair removal treatments from June on my face and neck area. I have alot of hair. At first, appointments were scheduled every few weeks or so. I have gone 6x. The last time, I was told to make an appointment after 3 months. Now my next appointment is in 5 months! Is this normal? I still feel we have a long way to go as I'm shaving every 2-3 days. She is also taking care of "spots" on my skin from years ingrown hairs and picking at my skin (pink-brown) spots.

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Laser Hair Removal Frequency Of Treatments

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Results with laser hair removal can vary from one patient to another and with one brand of laser to another. Also, 20% of the population does not respond to any laser or light treatments. Unfortunately, this cannot be determined until after the second treatment. If there has been progress then this may not be your case. Usually, the bulk of your results are seen between 6 to 8 treatments with most lasers. Subsequent sessions can be done to improve on those results, but progress is much slower. Once this plateau in your results has been achieved, then touch up treatments can be done occasionnally to stall the hair growth. Answering your question about what is normal is difficult since every case is individual. Expectations and progress should be reassessed at every visit.

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