Is It Normal for Me to Have Such a Huge Hanging Bulch over my Scar? (photo)

I was always bouncing weight from 200-290 back to 230 down to 190 back up at 242 after 3 pregnancies and the last 2 with in 9 months of each other my skin was stretched and i could not lose my love handles. I had full abdominalplasty and lipo on hips full back and sides of breast. I also had an umbilical and ventricle hernia that was repaired during surgery. Drain tube still in 10 days post op

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Swelling along the incision after abdominoplasty is common.

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The ridge of swelling shown in the picture should significantly improve over the coming months. This is a common issue particularly in heavier patients.

Dependent edema after an abdominoplasty

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You are still very early in the post operative period and there will always be some dependent edema.  Given some time this may get better.  If not you may need a skin revision.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Persistent Bulge

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This is a scar I would expect with a panniculectomy. With that said, it is better to have a little extra skin, which can easily be removed in the office, than place too much tension on the incision and risk healing difficulty; especially if there is mesh from a hernia repair.

Stephen M. Becker, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominal apr

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Whether the apron was there immediately after your surgery or developed as a complication of either ruptured hernia repair or hematoma, your doctor would be able to answer.  Drains unfortunately don't prevent hematomas.  If you were significantly overweight then your apron will remain pretty thick.  Some of that is swelling also.  If you did not have liposuction of the apron then it is quite likely going to be thick.  

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