Is It Normal for Doctor to Do Lipo and Fat Transfer to Buttock Under Sleeping Pill?

He also give me numbing but sleeping pill did not work for me until after the procedure so I've been awake the whole procedure it was really painful. I'm satisfy with my butt however I felt like I have really bad bruising and swollen. Did anyone experience the same thing as I do? I just want to know did a lot of doctor use this method for this procedure in their clinic?

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Liposuction and fat transfer with a sleeping pill

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I do not do liposuction and fat transfer this way except for very small areas.

Because it hurts too much.

Because you were on your stomach, it was not safe to heavily sedate you. I would have done your surgery with general anesthesia

Liposuction done your way is common in medi-spas and in the offices of non-surgeons.

I do not treat my patients this way because pain is bad for us. Modern surgery's goal is  relief of pain as well as on the best possible results.

I am sorry you had surgery without adequate anesthesia. 


Lipo/fat transfer under oral sedation

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I prefer not to use oral analgesia for a procedure in which a patient is prone and to have an anesthesiologist present. You can certainly expect swelling and bruising after this procedure.

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